FIRST Canada Live: Common Myths about the FIRST Impact Award

Nov 2, 2022

In this episode, representatives from 5 Hall of Fame teams debunk the most common myths we hear about the FIRST Impact Award.

Did you miss the Tuesday, October 25th episode of  #FIRSTCanadaLIVE!, or maybe you want to share what the FIRST Hall of Fame representatives had to say about the FIRST Impact Award with your teammates.

FIRST Canada Live! was joined by representatives from Team 3132 – Thunder Down Under,  Team 1816 – “The Green Machine”, Team 1902 – Exploding Bacon and the most recently awarded Team 1629 – Garrett Coalition (GaCo).

“Focus on what you enjoy doing, what your team enjoys doing and what is needed in your community.”  Rachel Earl, Team 1816
Please note that from 1992 – 2022, this award was called the Chairman’s Award. As such, for teams who won during those years, you will see and hear references to the “Chairman’s Award.”

The Top 10 Most Common Myths we Hear about the FIRST Impact Award.

  1. In person vs. Virtual
  2. International
  3. Funding Matters
  4. Not worth applying
  5. Hard Luck Stories
  6. Copying Previous Winners
  7. The same teams win every year
  8. Presentation Themes
  9. Starting Teams
  10. Listing everything

Visit this link for examples of essays and videos from the FIRST Hall of Fame teams.

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