Congratulations 2023 FIRST
Championship Chairman’s Award Winners

Please note that from 1992 – 2022, this award was called the Chairman’s Award.
As such, for teams who won during those years, you will see references to the “Chairman’s Award.”

2023 FIRST Championship
FIRST Impact Award Winner

Team 321- RoboLancers
From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Additionally, we congratulate the FIRST Impact Award Finalists:

Team 118, Robonauts
From Houston, Texas, USA

Team 3284, Camdenton LASER
Camdenton, Missouri, USA

Team 5665, SPARC
From ISTANBUL, Istanbul, Turkey

Team 5985, Project Bucephalus
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Team 6865, Manitoulin Metal
M’Chigeeng, Ontario, Canada