24 Hours of STEM: The Chairman’s Award with the FIRST Hall of Fame

Dec 19, 2020

Chairman’s Questions, Definitions and Tips!

Representatives of the FIRST Hall of Fame discussed the Chairman’s Award at the December 2020 24 Hours of STEM. With a review of the new Executive Summary questions, discussion on adapting for virtual presentations and tips on how to take your submissions to the next level.

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The Chairman’s Award Panel Included

The FIRST Hall of Fame panel was represented by members of past Championship Chairman’s Award winning teams, 1816: The Green Machine and 1902: 4-H Exploding Bacon Robotics, along with 3132: Thunder Down Under and 1114 Simbotics.

Learn more about the Executive Summary Changes

This season there are new Chairman’s Executive Summary questions. Questions have been removed, modified, and added in order to get a better overall picture of submitting teams.

“The enthusiasm of FIRST Hall of Fame team members for the new questions is a testament for the value they provide for the process. For new teams, these questions are a starting point for learning how to start talking about your team and your efforts.  For established teams, the questions provide a fresh new way to address your accomplishments.” Elise Cronin-Hurley, 1902, 2019 Chairman’s Mentor

Check back soon for a link to answers of all of the Questions asked at the
Official FIRST Chairman’s Chat, December 3rd. 

What We Covered.

  • This season’s changes to the Executive Summary questions
  • How to adapt to virtual judging
  • How to determine what content you should be focusing on in your submission
  • Tips & Best Practices to take your submission to the next level

What are the Executive Summary questions?

The questions required to be answered before the essay. The Executive Summary questions are the short answer, 500 character limited questions about your team activities in a variety of areas.

What are the Chairman’s definitions?

To help standardize Chairman’s Award judging, FIRST developed a Chairman’s Definition list for terms commonly used by teams. Teams are responsible for policing their own choice of words.

The new changes include examples provided by FIRST HQ to clarify what is and is not an accurate use of each definition to help with understanding.

What is the Documentation Form?

A chart format provided by FIRST HQ, to list all teams/events/items that you have documentation for.

FIRST Chairman’s Documentation Form

What is the Essay?

The essay portion of the Chairman’s Award submission provides teams an opportunity to describe their activities and achievements in narrative form up to 10,000 characters.

What does the Submission entail?

The submission includes the essay and a presentation. There are specific requirements for each element of the process.  For the most current information on the submission requirements and process, click here.



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