Team 67: The HOT Team

The Hot Team 67 from Highland, Michigan won the Chairman’s Award at the 2005 FIRST Championship.

Team 67: Heroes of Tomorrow won the Chairman’s Award at the 2005 FRC Championship. Their longtime sponsor General Motors allowed them to access engineers and tools that were not previously available. The team has a dynamic relationship with their community, and interacted with local business and participated in community service like road and river cleanups. They shared their knowledge with other teams and worked to improve the FIRST community. See their post-Chairman’s award video here: Team 67 Post-Chairman’s Video

Team 67 continues to work within their community to provide a STEM education to everyone they can.


Team 67 members work with special needs students at both of our local high schools in a “Seminar STEM Challenge” program. Team members teach aspects of robotics and general engineering, using the VEX robot kit. Circuit building has been a particularly engaging activity. Through this project, the team has been able reach students who otherwise would not have hands-on access to engineering and robotics. This activity has proved to be so popular that non-special needs students have often joined the group build sessions.


Paul’s goal was to ensure that everyone in the programming group would be able to learn programming skills, enjoy their programming experience, and be able to contribute to the team’s robot code.  While there are other tutorial resources available, Paul wanted to ensure that his tutorials were not too technical for new programmers to understand and that they are aligned with our and FIRST’s particular coding format.  Paul has posted his tutorials to a thread on ChiefDelphi and will have brochures in the pits at competitions to share with other teams.

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