Team 597: The Wolverines

Team 597: The Wolverines from Los Angeles, California won the Chairman’s Award at the 2015 FIRST Championship.


Wolverines can provide guidance The Wolverines are all about helping and SHARE-ing with other teams, from diverse backgrounds. They Show How Awesome a Robotics Education can be by SHARE-ing resources and mentorship within their community and beyond. Some areas that Team 597 can help with are:

  • S.H.A.R.E: Team 597 can help teams with Showing How Awesome a Robotics Education can be
  • Safety: having a rich history of promoting safety, The Wolverines can help teams develop an exceptional safety program
  •  Entrepreneurship: Every team needs a sustainable financial plan. This can be daunting, especially for teams with low-income students, but the Wolverines can provide guidance


Starting a FIRST Team is challenging and Fun

Use these ten easy steps to start a FIRST Team:

  1. Having a burning desire to help young people succeed in a STEM field
  2. Attend a local FIRST competition and talk to students and mentors
  3. Ask a local FIRST team to host a robotics demonstration to potential sponsors
  4. Present your desires to start a FIRST Team to target sponsors
  5. Talk to a FIRST Regional Director about financial assistance opportunities
  6. Find a mentor passionate about impacting the lives of young people
  7. Recruit students who are interested in robotics and technology
  8. Register your team on FIRST TIMS at
  9. Find local FIRST teams who are willing to mentor your prospective team
  10. Be ready to have the hardest fun you’ll ever have with your new family




Championship Chairman’s
Award Winner

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