Team 47: Chief Delphi

Chief Delphi, Team 47 was honored to win the FIRST Championship Chairman’s Award at the
1997 FIRST Championship in Orlando, FL.The team received the award for their dedication to
and pioneering of Youth STEM outreach programs, forming the CADET (Children Aspiring to
Develop Engineering Talent) Program to involve middle and elementary school students in a
FIRST like competition. Current FIRST Team students served as mentors for CADET members
in a model that would eventually inspire the first iteration of the FIRST Lego League competition
years later. In addition, Chief Delphi would host the annual Chief Delphi Invitational; a FIRST
like Competition program for other FIRST teams and community members. Later, in 2002, Chief
Delphi launched, an online forum for FIRST team members and mentors to
communicate that stands as a pillar of the FIRST Community to this day.

In 2010, as Pontiac Central and Pontiac Northern High Schools consolidated into a single
school, Chief Delphi merged with Team 65, The Huskie Brigade, to form the new Team 51, The
Wings of Fire. Team 51 continued its partnerships with community organizations and major
sponsors from both teams. Today, The Wings of Fire continue to host and support STEM
outreach programs in partnerships with local community organizations, the School District of the
City of Pontiac, and team sponsors. Additionally, Team 51 supports FTC and FLL teams within
the Pontiac School District and provides information, resources, and assistance to FIRST Teams
across the globe. The legacy of Team 51 has entered into its “2nd generation” and is now
mentored mainly by alumni of both Chief Delphi and the Huskie Brigade. The Wings of Fire
continue to live by their longtime team motto: “You get out of this program what you put into it.”