Team 27: RUSH

Team 27: RUSH from Clarkston, Michigan won the Chairman’s Award at the 2014 FIRST Championship.

Students on the team organized 300+ FIRST related community events ranging from elementary robotics to Science Day demonstrations. They presented at more than 50 events in their statewide “robotics tour”, which was intended to encourage rookie growth in the state of Michigan.

Along with the events they’ve hosted and presented at, Team 27 developed a helpful system for other FIRST teams to spread the word about their team.


Team RUSH 27 can provide you with information about how to build a “rock solid” FIRST team. The Toolkit includes help with sponsorships, community impact, build season, and more!

You can order your comprehensive Toolkit on the Team 27: RUSH website!
Team 27’s Toolkit for Success

Chairman’s Resources and Team Documentation




Championship Chairman’s
Award Winner

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2013-14 Sponsors

  • We have 192 sponsors with 40 larger sponsors (fourteen engineering, two health care, nineteen local services and five from Alumni/Parents). We have 93% retention with our larger sponsors because of our substantive partnership. 152 smaller sponsors give less than $500 each allowing us to increase our influence and guarantee our sustainability at the same time. In addition to monetary donations, our corporate sponsors also provide us with mentors, supplies and real world experiences like internships for students.