Team 254: The Cheesy Poofs

Cheesy Poofs Team 254 from San Jose, California won the Chairman’s Award at the 2004 FIRST Championship.

They worked hard to distinguish between an unhealthy and healthy competitive mindset, and incorporated aspects not typically attributed to FIRST robotics to attract students. This including website design, animation, and video editing. 

Since winning the award, Team 254 has continued to impact the FIRST community through various projects.


Cheesy Parts is an open-source web-based system for tracking parts through the design and manufacture cycle. During some of the past seasons, Team 254 has had problems losing track of the progress of various parts, or whether they had the raw materials for those parts. To fix this, they wrote this web-based system during the offseason. It assigns part numbers with which CAD files can be saved to version control and stores information about parts’ current manufacturing status.


  • Tracking of part and assembly hierarchy
  • Part status tracking
  • Part metadata (notes, source material, cut length, quantity, priority, etc.)
  •  Dashboard of all part statuses


Team 254 hosts all of their robot code on GitHub for teams to view and understand their coding process for the season.

They also archive each seasons code for teams.


This walks through Team 254’s entire build process from strategies, analysis, and goals to final design and can be found on their team website.

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Championship Chairman’s
Award Winner

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