Team 1538: The Holy Cows

The Holy Cows Team 1538 from San Diego, California won the Chairman’s Award at the 2013 FIRST Championship.

They held workshops for teachers, helping them to incorporate FIRST ideals into the curriculum.

In addition to the steps they took to spread FIRST throughout their community, Team 1538 also worked to better FIRST itself.


The CowMXP was designed to provide a standard method of connecting sensors, implementing better navigation capabilities for robots. The board’s LED display gives the ability to display information (battery voltage, gyro output, etc) to team members on the field before a match. Starting next season, Team 1538 will be manufacturing the boards for teams that don’t have the ability themselves, as well as releasing the design for teams that do have the resources to make their own MXP boards.


CowFMS (Field Management System) is a full featured field management system used for FRC off-season events. The system was initially developed to improve the team and audience experience of Team 1538’s off-season competition – Battle at the Border.


CowFLLTM (FIRST LEGO League Tournament Manager) is a web based management system developed for use at FIRST LEGO League competitions. The system provides events with video overlays, result and queuing displays as well as interfaces to help simplify the job of judges and referees. This season CowFLLTM was used at Team 1538’s two FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Qualifying Tournaments as well as the Southern California Regional Championship.

Cow Tips & Resources

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The Allaire Medal – Leadership Exemplified

The Allaire Medal recognizes leadership exemplified, 1538 awarded this medal to 2 students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and whose personal character best embodies the spirit of FIRST.

Jeremy Howe

Carmel Fiscko


Championship Chairman’s
Award Winner

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